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We'll allow the contributions to speak for themselves, and we won’t be the judge of reality.Three blond children bolted through the front door, past a small wooden sign hanging in the foyer that read, “Remember, as Far as Anyone Knows We Are a Normal Family,” and into the kitchen. Typically, everyone eats dinner together around 7 p.m., but tonight, Juno’s and Eli’s mothers were still driving home after spending a day off at the hot springs in the desert. She found the job through her boyfriend, who is the son of Ms. Evanguelidi threw out all his food that wasn’t organic. But two years later, Claire and Juno are best friends, and Mr. Balthrop surreptitiously binge-watches “House of Cards” on his laptop), there is overnight guest etiquette. Welch said, “I’ll wake up to check on Eli and I’ll hear Aleks and Troy, and I’m like, ‘Aleks! Evanguelidi’s boyfriend, whose name is Troy Mitchell. It makes me feel like I don’t need to grow up and do things the traditional way.”Before Mr. Balthrop keeps a stash of Jif and Yo Crunch with M&M’s in a minifridge in his room. Abby Lewis, 63, comes to visit for a month each summer. While “co-living” is on the rise in cities like San Francisco and New York — a result of astronomical rents and a craving for community — so-called “hacker houses” and new cohabiting businesses like Common and We Live are geared toward the young and childless. The Topanga Family was created to befit single parents. Everyone involved agrees that the greatest perk is the siblinglike relationships that have developed among the children.“What we’re doing isn’t new,” said Ms. On this spring evening, Dallas Garcia, the children’s 19-year-old nanny, was barefoot in the kitchen making lentil soup and chopping carrots and celery against a backdrop of the Santa Monica Mountains. ” demanded Eli, clambering onto a stool between Claire and Juno. She just finished her first year of community college; she works part time at a pizza place and part time for the Topanga Family. Other rules of the house: In addition to no nonorganic food and no TV (Mr. Balthrop said one afternoon this past spring as he whipped up a banana-kale-peanut-butter smoothie. They also freely discipline one another’s children. Balthrop (the parent of neither child) took charge. On occasion, they try to take advantage of their unique living arrangement.

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