1111 witbin Diriit.' two yean, it rrmaiii Gd in kiorifinal o iwrvcd m a rdri'^it Tiir Sir tteil M Hi-Aley.

"ats; there mast be, also, the «r^ .* ii/r^*tt^ w L -^ Soes to receive the caravan from Cairo, metropolis.

The natives are Mahomc- common sewers, and other conveni- lans, with a mixture of Paganism. No island be above seven or eight shillings, on ean be lietter calculated, as a dep6t, the average, to every house ; while the -than that of Socatara, should the run advantages in point of health, plea- be thoitght too long from Suez to santness, and cheerfulness, would be Bombay. Typhous lanes, alleys, and courts not cxceedfaig fo Ter, which is a perpetual plague in the 1824.] Commereial Romijrom ike Caipiem Sea to Chuoatmd Buekmia.

ences,itmight, under a proper system, Thry trade to Goa with the produce of be kept perfectly sweet, and become, t Jieir island, vis. great beyond belief; and would, in \* We bave given place to Mr. pnyect, brcaiue we regard it as ness of a town7life. '^ 'MMhi'Si;r^°l^'ii^*'*i» Tbo gn^ aanaal expenses of lh«c iaaces and offensive objects be removed " «« foliowijig maimer :— early every morning, — occu ionally wash* • ■ «f ing the streets; and, during a snow-season. 487 the poor qoartere, would be extermi- The MT nu Hmtains are crossed iu Bated. Leech.^Mrr Fleet-street, London, bookseller* Thoasptoe^rtgretied.

fine aloes, frankin- with inconsiderable labour and ex- eeu Mt, ambergrease, dragon's blood, pence, a pattern of public cleanliness rice, dates, and coral, which are trans- and external neatness to all cities, ported from thence to many parts of Nothing is wanted but an Act of Inilia, and all Europe, 'llie sultan is Parliament, and the sanction of the tributary to the pr'mces of Arabia, common council and magistracy, to The shore every-where affords safe arrange and give force to an establish- aochorage and good ports; and here ment for. The expenses are, in particular, two remarkablyfine of exterminating dirt, filth, and noisome harl HMirs, where shipping may ride smelts, might amount to 90,000/1 or secure from every wrad that blows," 36,000/. In fact, for an a practical comeqaenoe of i teaoi*naviga- expense of a few shillings per annum tiop, and to be of great public co Dcem ; a residence in London might be ren^ bnt,a» Mr. Let every district be provided with a engines, with water or liiue-water, in dry vard, or repository for its carts, horses, weather once a-day, in the months of Jime, lime- washing, apparatus, Aec. Director's sahiry •• I,f00 sweeping and cleansing them every His derfcs, and eight snrveyors-**- f,400 morning. Lot a •««ci«« "^""J^' ^f '^^ ^ trifling an expenoe, i% must be evident^ mjde fw certoin convenient purposes tliat London would become the clean- with drains under the pavement, and let * rr^, JT '»*'•*•" •'^'^''^^ " ^\ "" all the sinks be washid with hot lime «»* «**y /» «f r'*"^'.!!! In tbe narrow streets, the pe- little more than twenty davs, when caniary advantages from increased ' they decline towards a vidley, the lif^t woald be eqaal to tlioso from im- mountains branching off iu'two lower pro Tcd air and health, while house- ranges.

Perkins'n new Rteam^ngme, by dered as pleasant and healthy as one dmmiiriiii.g the eonoiimption of luel, will i„ ^1,^ country. Let each ranreyor have under hh be lime-washed by the police, at least six control thirty regular labourers, each at feet hieh, twice in every year, unless the twenty shillings per week, with power to surfaces are otherwise renewed by the doulecial regnlatious be made fur consbt of cartmen, sweepers, and white- the cleanliness of markets, prisons, and washers; and the supernumeraries to be workhouses, and to prevent the exercise of taken from the parish workhouses of tlie noisome trades at improper hours, districts, at two sliillings per day. Eight eolleetors of Atfc ssments • • • • 800 OAsffootion.— -The streets, lanes, Ac of Two hnndred and forty constant London, ute all together about 110 miles labonrers, at 5^ 12,480 loug, which, if swept every other morning. *i.««, •^ -k«„* reason of the poverty of their mhabitan U , J^lj*^.®'*****'^,? Let all dead-walls, to the height of on middling ones, and 2ff. Tbe road across the moon* owneni would- profit by the increased tains is stony, and almost entirely darabilitr of their property.

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