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Similarly, a GPU issue is even more unlikely: after all, there's very little difference visually between the frames before and after the stall, where the tasks run by the GPU would be very similar from one frame to the next.So we thought we'd try another couple of solutions - a 7200rpm hard drive and a hybrid SSHD.The latter consists of a 5400rpm drive paired with a smaller SSD cache. Performance improves on both units, to the point where the 0fps drops we encountered are gone, but the stutter - though reduced - is still there, whether it's through standard traversal through the environments, or in accessing weapons you've not used for a while.Completely eliminating the issue - at least on the test areas used in our initial performance analysis - is possible, but it requires mounting an SSD into an external USB enclosure, then copying the game data onto that drive.This is not completely ideal for a number of reasons: SSDs aren't cheap, and the USB caddy required only adds to the expense.

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