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Success in the selection tests and invitation for a recruitment tests do not guarantee recruitment.You may only be offered a position if you are also...You must book and sit your test within the given timeframes.The tests will take place in testing centres worldwide.Further information on the above tests is published on our sample tests’ page.Any additional test such as translation tests will be organised by the recruiting services, if required.If you decide not to sit the tests, your application is not blocked, and you can be preselected to test again by other recruiting services in the future.more Yes, you can be preselected for more than one profile and/or function group, but in most cases a candidate can only be tested for one profile in one function group per testing period.

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After series eight wrapped in March 2019, it was announced the BBC has commissioned three more series of the popular show, including three Christmas specials.

more At the time of recruitment, you may be offered a so-called "3a" or "3b" contract, depending on the needs of the service and legal arrangements of the recruiting institution.

Please refer to Annex III, point 5 of the Call of expression of interest for detailed information about the contractual arrangements.

more If you are no longer interested in sitting the tests, you can simply choose not to book the tests.

If you have already booked, you can cancel the appointment online up to 48 hours before the date of the test (via the link in the booking confirmation in your EPSO account).

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    Help teens establish personal boundaries by encouraging them to respect their values and their bodies. Boundaries help our teens during their race toward maturity. That’s why we need to know ours and model them to our teenagers. He looks at me like I’m silly, but I believe God hears our prayers and He cares about every detail — including high school math.

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    The team look forward to being able to install into further homes in the new year and to start analysing the data collected.