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When I click on 'Incoming E mail Settings' there is a box where I can type in the e mail address.

I typed my company email address in this box since my email is in Active Directory.

But when I send a meeting request to this e mail account I get a message saying e mail address not found.

Is it because the sync with AD is not happening from the calendar?

All that changed last Thanksgiving when the Calgary resident separated from her husband of seven years.

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Please also see our Yahoo Group at: group's information is set to PRIVATE and only MEMBERS can view our events and other content.

For privacy purposes, you may want to create a new anonymous email address on Gmail or Yahoo and use that to join this group.

YOUR PRIVACY ON MEETUP: If you would like to join this Meetup Group, but don't want Vancouver H Friends to show up in the list of all Meetup Groups that you belong to, you must go into your Meetup Profile and change your settings to "Hide Groups".

To add content to all other lists, send a standard email with the entry title in the subject field and the entry body in the message of the email.

By default, WSS lists can be synchronized once during each Send/Receive interval, and there are four basic ways to initiate this Send/Receive process in Outlook: · Send/Receive (automatic or manual) · Shift F9 or F9 · Folder focus change · Synchronize when Saving/Updating an Item The All Accounts Send/Receive group has Share Point list synchronization enabled by default and an automatic send/receive interval of 30 minutes.

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