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THAT IS GREAT.......are welcome to stay in the group! There is usually 5 to 10 people attending each Sunday. ALSO - OUR WALK IS REALLY ABOUT BEING SOCIAL- WITH EXERCISE AS A BONUS IF YOU FEEL LIKE YOU ARE LACKING A BIT OF MOTIVATION - THINK OF THESE 'EXERCISE FACTS' LISTED BELOW...... Decrease DEPRESSION as effectively as medications or behavioural therapy and remember (for extra motivation to come along)- the GREAT FOOD and CHEAP DRINKS at the Jade too!!!!!Joining our group and attending events is a great way to meet others who have the same interests while having HEAPS OF FUN TIMES TOO! p.s.- A FEW IMPORTANT THINGS TO REMEMBER-EMAILS-* If you think you are getting too many emails about events - just go to the 'MY PROFILE' tab and turn off the automatic emails and then you can just visit the main page whenever you want.* WE ARE A SOCIAL GROUP- our intention is for single people to make FRIENDSHIPS in person - so we request that members DO NOT email other members as if on a dating site. If you can't find a spot to park..go to 'Wharf Street'...which is the first left street after the 'Nite Owl' (which is opposite the hotel) and there are plenty of places to park there..................... EXERCISE FACTS- Regular exercise at the correct intensity can: . Join us at the School of Yoga and Meditation at West End for 45 minutes of calming meditation.dude you have to understand girls want and love challenge !! on the third date ill take her to Sho - Cho's for Vodka and Sushi !!

There is a group with exactly the same name as this group but it is NOT this group..* You DO NOT have to be single to join our group because we have 'joint functions' with other groups all the time and if you do connect with someone ... We stop at the beginning of the Goodwill bridge so that slower walkers can catch up and we all can stay together. Reduce the incidence of HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE by almost 50% . Reduce the mortality and the risk of recurrent BREAST CANCER by almost 50% . Reduce the risk of developing ALXEHEIMER'S DISEASE by one third .Rosie is hosting at the moment and most weeks a group head off down the road for a dinner after the her if you are interested in going as well....☺ Meet us at the Stones Corner Hotel for a friendly game of trivia. Ask at the bar if you can not find the group or ask the trivia compare where Rosie's group is.... THE GAME- starts at 7pm and it is FREE to play...can meet a bit earlier so that we can have a chat and dinner (if you want).We will be there at 6.15 to socialise and eat but the game actually starts at 7pm. As with all our trivia games - it is all about having fun and meeting new and familiar people..we hope you can join us.....Well Lee's idea of dating is to take the girl in desert and bang the girl then bang her head and dissapear. :x Well I would take her to any candle lit romantic atmosphere retaurant or if you want to talk and listen to the inner feelings take to sea shore during sun set.If she is into dancing take her to salsa - best dance of two loving souls.

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