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Morris wasn't known only for slick dance moves and music, but also for coupling up with singer Brandy after touring together.Despite their denials, this caused public and media backlash because Brandy was underage at the time and Morris is her senior by several years.On her eating disorder as a teen At 19, Brandy revealed she stopped eating properly and suffered from bulimia and anorexia.Everyone thought she was perfect on the outside with her career being on top, but she was the unhappiest teenager in the world.He put his talented tenor voice to good use as a member of the Grammy Award-winning group Boyz II Men.

She found herself unexpectedly pregnant with Robert's child, and that wasn't "ok" for the Brandy brand. At one point, Robert felt Brandy had gone into too much detail tot he media about the problems they were having as a couple.

They even did a duet, "Brokenhearted," in 1995, but he dumped her for another woman in 1997.

Morris currently lives with his wife, designer Traci "Toi" Nash, and children in New Jersey.

And the entire situation devastated her career and her fans. She said she gets hurt when people still gossip about it and try to hurt her.

On changing her music direction to more sexy on Aphrodisiac Brandy said she felt totally awkward doing this "sexy phase" and it just wasn't believable. On that fatal accident on the Brandy slammed into a car from the back while on the L. It was her way of apologizing for her past mistakes and she wanted to reconnect with her purpose.

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