Bradley cooper dating aug 2016

“I think the biggest thing I learned is that sky’s the limit if you find a companion artistically, and you have a project,” he said, according to New York magazine’s The Cut. What people can do together is so much more powerful than what they can do by themselves.” He said the two had an “instant connection” when they first met.

Some of that had to do with their East Coast roots and their shared love of Italian food.

A lot of that had to do with finding his ideal co-star, Cooper has said.

Cooper called Lady Gaga “a revelation” and said in interviews he couldn’t have made the movie without her.

“They are very much in love,” a source told Us Weekly about Lady Gaga and Carino.

“I spent about 15 years going from movie to movie to movie.

And then I hit 39 and I stopped and I said, ‘What do I really want to do? “Then this story came to me, ‘A Star Is Born,’ and then I spent the next four years doing that.

“I don’t necessarily see the upside of it,” he said.

The news comes after reports that Shayk had moved out of Cooper's Los Angeles home.

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