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I found this site too unworkable.could not make real contacts And dont forget to Send a written letter to terminate subscriptions.I deleted my account but it doesnt cancel Subscriptions.austin, I got completely ripped off by this company they kept renewing my subscription.The last thing I want is to be blacklisted by a collection agency -Got multiple hits from impossibly beautiful younger women who wanted my email straight away. Now they are chasing me for 8 and have sicked a collection agency onto me. My husband got onto this site, he met up, on line, with a woman named Doris who seduced him and it turned out to be a scam.She not only convinced my (now) ex husband to send her money but the pair of them destroyed my 40 year marriage and myself along with my family. How do you sleep at night knowing you are destroying people. This company will try to hook you into payment from the very beginning, is a terrible waste of time just to check it.Their clients are Asian conmen and when you have so called spoken to them via email they then ask for money because they are in difficult circumstances, which is a lie.Most of the people on line do not exist and many are stolen identities. Their website is clearly designed to trick people into paying much more than they intended and then they make it almost impossible to cancel the automatic subscription that you did not agree to in the first place.Do not trust this site This site 'popped up' when I was googling for singles activities.They promoted themselves very well and appeared to be genuine, so I subscribed.

The primary purpose of this dating site (and others) is to get money out of people without providing what you have paid for.

When you cancel your membership they won't accept and then send threatening emails to say "prove you cancelled" although the action was attended. Am disgusted with this site, I cancelled my subscription 3 months ago and they have now charged me again nearly 0 for nothing.

They are fraudulent and should be exposed to the world in this manner. This is fraud & I am reporting them to consumer affairs.

Now today I received an email from ARL Collections based in Melbourne, according to their website, demanding the 2.00 and requesting me to contact their office by phone.

Not sure what process is going to be on the cards, just sure as hell not going to get call them as they'd harass me over the phone.

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    It doesn’t even require you to put in your real name which makes the app a fair amount of unsafe.

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    A further reason, is that modern dating online, has become so efficient, to the point that dating algorithms have now even been patented, and additional features such as the mobile app for dating sites, has become commonplace.