Attorney dating a judge

There must be good cause, such as a verifiable emergency, for a continuance to be granted.

Some judges may rule on a motion for continuance based solely on what the judge sees in the motion.

Their marriage life was running smoothly until her husband, Albert was indicted by the office of United States Attorney for tax invasion in 1999.

Albert spent 11 months in prison after he was charged with 34 counts of Tax Evasion and Conspiracy in June 2003.

All judges rotate divisions every one to two years or so and do not normally keep cases from one division when they move to another.By law they cannot recommend lawyers or advise a person on how to handle a case.They do not have the authority to approve requests to continue a matter or to excuse a court appearance, only a judge can do that.The claim that the “Judicial Assistant told me to do it” is not an acceptable defense.Dockets that change frequently (daily) are not posted due to the numerous changes that take place.

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