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Jacqueline Ades of Phoenix, Arizona, was arrested on May 8 for several instances of stalking a man she met online. Image: Paradise Valley Police Department A woman in Phoenix, Arizona, was arrested on Tuesday for several instances of stalking a man whom she had met online.

i love listen to music with my free time, My dad is from Arizona and mum is from USA …

My name is janie Rodriguez am from Berlin, Germany am single .i was raise in Teness.

And Colorado Grand junction I live in Benson Arizona and work in a construction company has a Inspection Supervisor here in Arizona... I am single with no kids and currently seeking for relationship, but not rushing myself.

i am a man with a good heart and i love people around me and what about you do you love people around you,i need a good woman with a good heart too so she can take care of me and my son,i love working hard for my family and i love sport it gives me joy when my teen is wining games I'm James, I am 52 years old .

I live in Phoenix , Arizona I am single for now with one kid . I am someone who loves being surrounded by family , friends and holidays .

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