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Carrying around anger or sense of betrayal is exhausting.I have difficulty clearing my thoughts even when I have a tiny little fight with my best friends, so how can it make sense to build upon all that negativity.You plan all your life, every single detail up to your career plan, your future children’s names, or your future everything.Well, should I remind you that it may not be even slightly close to what you will be doing?

Going back to the example where you spilled your guts and the other person just stared right back blankly. I have completed my duty both to the other person and to myself.If I told you this sitting on a table, taking sips from our delicious coffee, would you react by saying how immature or incapable that person was or would you blame it on me for giving it a shot? So who gives a fuck about how the other person chooses to respond? We should not be plotting revenge or choose to live to hurt some other person.It’s their choice to make and eventually regret if mishandled. Remember how Dom (Leo Di Caprio) chooses to build on the positive “building-for-my-own” sentiment instead of “revenge-shall-be-mine” thought? It not only gets harmful, but also takes away from you in reality.Of course a person should not just let everything go and give up own his or her life.That is and will never be the point I am trying to make.

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