Ancient greece dating system

Over time, democracy became synonymous with equality, which means that this form of government has become the ideal standard for those who strive to maintain a fair and equal style of government.

Unfortunately for the Ancient Athenians, the demokratia didn’t endure.

Archaeology has provided evidence through pottery of how life was in Mainland Greece and Crete.

The Aegean people were different from the Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations.

Researchers point out some similarities between this early Helladic period and the final Neolithic period.

The second period involved multiple innovations that impacted the culture.

The systems help historians figure out the dating for different tools and weapons.Did you know that many of the things we enjoy in modern society were invented by the Ancient Greeks?One of the most important of these is the system of democracy that people all over the world enjoy.The first system of democracy that we know of began in Athens in 507 BC.The leader at the time Cleisthenes, implemented a system called “demokratia”, which is translated as meaning “rule by the people.” While there might be evidence to suggest that some form of democracy took place in other places before this time, but the Ancient Athenians set up a system that is structured in a way that has inspired the democratic governments that are around today.

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