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Feature Years Used Blue control panel graphics 1968 - 1972Black control panel graphics with square corners 1972 - 1975Black control panel graphics, horizontally split with rounded corners (solid state amps) 1973 - 1979Black control panel graphics, horizontally split with rounded corners (tube amps) 1976 - 1979Distortion control knob 1976 - 1979White rocker switches (solid state amps) 1973 - 1979White rocker switches (tube amps) 1976 - 1979Black rocker switches 1968 - 1975Metal "a" logo 1968 - 1972Plastic "a" logo 1973 - 1979--------------------------------------------------------------------------------1981 - 1984The MTI-era amplifiers cannot be dated by serial number.

Dating by EIA date codes is impossible since the Japanese components do not carry EIA codes.

I've recently been given the oppotunity to purchase the following rig for 00. There were very few of those made and the '69 was not powered by 6550s, which this is. Vintage prices can only be determined as "good" by the buyer in terms of "is it worth it to you" since you probably won't find many other identical ones for sale to compare to. That's almost as bad as people eating ice cream infront of me saying "this is terrible!

It's an Ampeg SVT and the SVT 810 cab to go with it. I went and saw it on friday and it's in great shape. All comparing head on ebay that I've found are selling for about the same amount; only it's just the head, no cab. om nom nom nom" (I have a severe dairy allergy; I can't even touch the stuff.)Google is my friend....1970 through 1979The third serial number system was implemented in 1970.

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I'd guess it's '76-'79 because of the black graphics, split per channel with rounded corners and the white switches.An added variable is that during the Magnavox years, Ampeg may have used separate serial number systems for each model or for models that shared the same chassis like the VT-22 and V-4.Until such time that enough information is available to date 1970s Ampegs by serial number, the features of the amps from this period can be used and compared to the following table.The reverb not working could be a wide variety of things from tube problems, to a broken wire to dried out caps, etc.Therefore the serial number doesn't fit the theory on serial numbers as it doesn't list a country of manufactor as the fourth digit so I wonder if it's pre-84 or how I can guess the age. With the Gemini 1, I'd try some brightish speakers, like a Celestion Vintage 30 or G12H30, an Eminence Swamp Thang.

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