Amanda loncar dating gavin degraw

"I wanted to create something that was timeless rather than fashionable," he explains."I was concerned with developing a sound that wasn't disposable.As a teenager, De Graw experienced a personal epiphany when he discovered Ray Charles and Sam Cooke, whose combination of personal charm and emotional commitment struck a chord in the budding musician.

Her life is an inspiring story and she has survived strongly after third stage brain cancer.He has two older siblings, a sister Neeka and a brother, Joey, also a musician.Growing up in a musical family, he was raised to regard music as part of the fabric of everyday life rather than a remote show-business ideal.I didn't want to have too much glitter on me." The adjustment from the immediacy of the live stage to the discipline of the recording studio was an educational process that gave De Graw new insight into his work."It made me think about making records differently," he says.

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