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Whether it's the game-like aspect giving people more incentive to stay on it (and suck up fake confidence) or the fact that people there are actual people (miserable as they may be) and not robots or rapists.Badoo in Egypt offers the user a thorough look at what folks are like without that faux veil of composure, which I personally find attractive.

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Don't discount it entirely, though; Badoo somehow manages to provide more consistent results than Tinder, especially here in Egypt.Remember that Rihanna song about finding love in a hopeless place or some shit?Even though hearing it triggers a dormant form of PTSD in my TV dinner of a brain, I applaud it for bringing together two things that mesh so well together (especially in this article); love and hopelessness.Throughout the years, it managed to spread like unchecked herpes throughout the connected world, with a similar formula to OKC; you customize your profile to make yourself appear less like a trainwreck and more like a double decker disappointment with 'sex appeal'.It shows you people around your vicinity via location services and lets you peep at their delightful little interests; the most common of which I’ve found to be cupcakes, Madonna, true love, diamonds and devotion to God (and his impending wrath).

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