Adult chat room and message board

The purpose of our organization is to provide on line support for stroke survivors and caregivers of adult stroke.

those who were heavy Internet users saved hundreds of dollars each month. Department of Labor investigated the report, but came to no conclusions, officially closing the investigation in 2001.Along with the DOL investigation, and with less need for well managed communities, and with membership in serious decline, AOL decided to terminate its volunteer program.In late May 2005, AOL informed its Community Leaders that they would be released from their positions on June 8 of that year.At the peak of the program, it is estimated that AOL had approximately 14,000 volunteers, Community Leaders had a wide variety of responsibilities, ranging from hosting chat rooms, monitoring message boards and file libraries, providing customer service, teaching online classes, and particularly creating and managing forum content.However, toward the end of the program, Community Leader duties were generally restricted to monitoring chat and message boards.

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