34 dating 19 year old

If I saw that relationship, with no other information, I would assume that the dude is a scumbag and the girl doesn't have a handle on the world.

Once again, I would assume that with no other information. I have people tell me I look like I'm in my late 20's, so everything works out fine for us.

He has a son also, which I work with children so it's not something I'm afraid of.

But I feel like it may be too old and people will think I'm borderline insane.

also OP is he an organ donor because that tells a lot about a person Yeah, I'd call it a wash. I'd be most discouraging about OP dating someone dumb enough to leave his wallet out at a bar. Honestly, I think that you should do whatever you want.

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Is it weird to be going out with someone so much older or is it okay since I'm a mom so I'm not like the average 19 year old?

He's a nice enough guy, but he ended up telling me he was 29.

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