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Anyone else out there currently have a surname that can also be a FIRST name?

Hair: I fell in love with a couple of hundred-plus-buck hair combs at BHLDN, but given that my day-to-day look is a ponytail, I couldn’t justify the expense.

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Call Anastasia at 1-888-314-6639 While some say slut like it’s a bad thing, I embrace every part of it.

Since it was not Saturday, there was no concert and we just had some street food.

Staying here really makes you feel that you are in the middle of nowhere surrounded by nothing but nature.

Well, hive, the time has come for me to bid the ‘Bee goodbye.

I wanted to put down a few final thoughts as I wrap up my last days as a blogger.#blessed | Photo by RRG Wedding Are you changing your name?

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